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I am Greg Gellas of Signature Detailing. I have always loved the look of a properly cared for car. After many years of learning and training I formed Signature Detailing.  Check us out and read all about us.
Most people feel that a good detail will be an excellent wash and wax to their car, there can be so much more to it than that. Some call it paint correction, reconditioning or restoration of your paint. Whatever you want to call it, bringing back that better than showroom look is the ultimate goal. Not only will I restore your paint to better than showroom condition, I will try to educate you how to maintain that new car look in order to get the most out of your detail.

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Greg Gellas of Signature Detailiing is teamed up with Detailed Image as a technical writer, providing in-depth detailing articles to encompass how-to guides, product reviews and comprehensive tutorials.
Greg’s latest articles and photos on the DI Blog can be seen by clicking the image above!

Products We Offer

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Professional detailing ranging from basic wash and waxes to full corrections on your most prized possesions.

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Never wax again with our permanent hydrophobic coatings that last up to 2 years!

“Opti-Coat is a hard wearing, aftermarket, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and chemical etching from environmental impacts. It provides permanent protection for all factory paints, and can also be applied to exterior glass, metal and hard plastic surfaces.

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“Many people are familiar with carnauba wax and more recently polymer sealants as a means of protecting their vehicle.  These products offer some protection from UV and the environment but they are not in the same league with CQuartz Finest.  Unlike waxes and sealants, CQ Finest adds a measurable 3µm thickness of condensed SiO2 nano particles with a proprietary bonding agent to create the Finest Ceramic Quartz coating.”

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Cquartz Finest

If you are looking to apply an extremely strong protective coating that will leave an incredible layer of gloss simultaneously then the 22ple VX1 Pro Glass Coating is for you. This product is a truly unique form of protection that is unlike traditional sealants or waxes but applies just as easy.

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Protection Films

We offer only the finest, Xpel Ultimate!  XPEL’s Ultimate Paint Protection Film combines best-in-class durability and clarity not previously available in the market.
Paint Protection Film Page

Our Services

Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience are passionate about developing business.

Basic Detail

What we offer
  • Hand Wash
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Tire Dressing
  • Chemical Decontamination of the Paint
  • Manual Decontamination of the Paint
  • Polymer Sealant/Wax
  • Interior Vacuum/Wipe Down

1-Step Correction

What we offer
  • Hand Wash
  • Chemical Decontamination of the Paint
  • Manual Decontamination of the Paint
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Tire Dressing
  • Clay Bar
  • 1-Step Polishing (Add’l polishing steps available)
  • Sealant/Wax/Coating Options
  • Interior Vacuumed/Wipe Down
  • Prices starting at $400

Full Correction/Polishing

What we offer

This includes all of the above services and more. In most cases, this is a complete multi-step polishing, resulting in a better than new appearance. This service is for the owner that wants the absoulute most gloss and correction possible, as discussed with you. Each car is different and some do take longer than others. Prices starting at $600.
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What our Clients say

  • Thank you again for taking care of the BRZ. The car came out great. Look better than the day I picked it up! The quality and service was beyond my expectations. I’m sure you get tired of answering the same questions over and over again, but thanks for taking the time to walk me through everything. The DI page is bookmarked! Working in the Retail Customer Service field, I can say my experience has been top-notch. I’ll be recommending you to friends and family and will provide positive feedback wherever/whenever possible.

    — Jasen - BRZ —
  • I cant give enough praise to Greg and his friend on the job they did for my RSX. Ive had the car for over 5 & 1/2 years now and never had any paint correction done. I’ve prided myself over the years on keeping my car clean with washes, waxes and the occasional clay/detail, but I never realized how much it had been through til Greg worked his magic.

    — John - Acura RSX —
  • Greg – thanks for such an incredible job, I absolutely LOVE the work you did – Anyone considering bringing your vehicle to Signature Detailing, DO NOT HESITATE!! Greg truly goes above and beyond to deliver a first rate color correction. If you are considering doing something to protect your car for the winter…. Id suggest talking with Greg before going somewhere else… you wont regret it. As Greg mentioned, this is an odd car for the Full-Race stable, but the final project is going to be pretty wild, and certainly a magazine feature car. Had i not brought the vehicle to greg, theres no way this vehicle would have been photographed.

    — Geoff@Full Race —
  • Greg does fantastic work. We are really happy with the results and the service. Highly recommended!  Greg – Once again we are very satisfied with your work. I was amazed with your work on the seats. Those B pillars were bugging me too Excellent job and we will be seeing each other again. Thanks.

    — Tom Humbert —
  • I must compliment you on the excellent service. I’ve received endless compliments on the results of your labor. It is because of unmeasurable personal service from you that my car looks the way it does. Hands down the BEST detailer I have dealt with! Professional, helpful, and efficient are just a few of the words that I can associate with this guy. I highly recommend him to all my friends! He is a genuine asset to the detailing community.

    — Brandon —

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We'd really love to hear from you so why not drop us an email Greg@signaturedetailing.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can or give us a call at
Due to our specialized service all of our work is done by appointment only.

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