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Fellow Vehicle Enthusiasts & Those Soon to Be:

Welcome! I’m Greg Gellas, founder and operator of Signature Detailing. Since childhood, my heart has always been inspired by feelings of awe and wonder which came over me in the presence of amazing automobiles. This youthful appreciation of cars morphed into a full blown love and inspiration to restore vehicles into their best possible state. Fond years of intense desire, determination, and dedicated training transformed that inspiration into an unquenchable passion and career path which lead me to found Signature Detailing.

Every day, since our doors opened, I have been blessed with the greatest job in the world; helping people fall in love with their vehicles.

At Signature Detailing, we consider a successful detail to be the services which make you LOVE your vehicle while putting a smile on your face. Our comprehensive processes and procedures not only restore the surfaces of your vehicle to the condition you desire or better, they also restore youthful enthusiasm and passion back into vehicle ownership.

Signature Detailing’s ultimate goal is to please every client by making their vehicle look better than they have ever seen it. Along with our in-depth services; we offer unparalleled customer support for car care as well as providing any other vehicle related resources.


We work as we believe: Extraordinary Craftsmanship & the Ultimate Customer Experience are the Hallmarks of Signature Detailing.


Greg Gellas is a featured author on the Detailed Image Blog, providing in-depth detailing articles, how-to guides,  and product reviews,  which provide both enthusiast and professional detailers resources to keep up to date with cutting edge technology and procedures.

Click below to read Greg’s DI articles on car care topics such as paint correction, paint protection film, product reviews, and more!

Greg Gellas - Detailed Image Author - Technique, product, and detailing write ups.

Our Services

Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience are passionate about developing business.

Paint Correction

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Paint Correction is the heart and soul of Signature Detailing’s Passion & Results.

Each vehicle contains a unique beauty locked within and paint correction displays that beauty for the world to admire. Our in-depth paint correction processes are unique because each vehicle requires an individualized approach best suited to reveal that specific vehicle’s style and allure. No matter how unique the automobile, all vehicles paint corrected by Signature Detailing share the commonality of amazing color, clarity, gloss, and reflectivity, while also causing owners to fall back in love at first sight. This

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Paint Correction Services


Paint Protection Film (PPF)

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Paint Protection Film Shields Vehicles from Environmental & Incidental Damage.

Paint Protection Film provides vehicle owners the peace of mind that their prized possession will be best protected from rock chips, insects, road salt, track days, and all of the other hazards of daily driving. Featuring the leading films on the market, such as Suntek & Xpel Ultimate, Signature Detailing provides protective film services which will not only protect your vehicle, but will keep her looking her very best for years to come.

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Paint Protection Film (PPF) Services

Ceramic Paint Coatings

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Ceramic Paint Coatings enhance and protect the beauty of automotive paint.

Ceramic Paint Coatings are the final step of vehicle beautification, adding protection from chemical, environmental, and human factors while also enhancing beauty offering increased: color, clarity, gloss, and reflecivity of painted surfaces. Paint Coatings also allow for ease of maintenance due to the ability to resist contaminants from adhering to the surface and for water to repel quickly. Offering only the most trusted coatings on the market, Signature Detailing provides paint coating services which generate the wow factor for owners and spectators alike; while also protecting surfaces for long term beauty.

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CQuartz FINEST Ceramic Coating

Opti-Coat Pro Ceramic Coating

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