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What is Automotive Clear Bra, Paint Protection Film, PPF technology?

Paint Protection Film (a.k.a. PPF or Clear Bra) is the only real impact protection to defend your vehicle’s surfaces from road debris, chipping, or scratching.

PPF is a thin, yet highly durable, transparent urethane film which is installed directly onto vehicle surfaces.

When set and fully dried, Clear Bra stays in place with durable adhesive. If necessary it may be removed, without damaging the paint, at any time by a professional and reputable installer. 

Vehicle Surface Protection Benefits of PPF:

  • 24 hour surface protection from rock chips, door dings, insects, road salt, shopping carts, kids, pets, or the many unforseen hazards of daily life
  • Additional UV protection
  • Added gloss or matte finish to surfaces
  • Protection against harmful environmental contaminants like: bird bombs, tree sap, pollen, road tar, & more
  • Peace of mind, knowing your vehicle will look its best over time

How Does PPF (Clear Bra) Protect Vehicle Surfaces?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) was specifically engineered for constant and durable impact protection.

PPF’s average minimum thickness is 8mils (~200 microns). This is 19-20 times thicker than most factory automotive clear coat, paint’s protective layer.

Clear bra’s substantial mass adds robust protection to vehicle surfaces from most road debris strikes and impacts. Even at speeds up to, or above, 80mph.

Clear bra’s construction grants extreme elasticity and shape retention. This allows the film to fit into complex or tight body areas.

PPF’s elasticity, paired with its considerable mass, give the film unique abilities to absorb the energy of heavier impacts, while deflecting the energy from smaller impacts. Either way, PPF takes the force of most impacts, protecting the vehicle surface.

What is Clear Bra or PPF’s Realistic Lifespan? Some films list 10 years…

Asking the question: “how long does PPF last on my vehicle?” is similar to asking, “how long will a pair of shoes last?”

Many factors influence PPF longevity including, but not limited to unique owner circumstances of: vehicle storage, usage habits, climate, maintenance, and driving style.

Most Paint Protection Films offer 10 year durability ratings, meaning the clear bra itself will last and function for that timespan.

However, this does not necessarily account for the many unknown factors of real world use and abuse. 

If forced to put a real world lifespan on vehicle Paint Protection Film or Clear Bra, then 6-8 years is a realistic durability estimate for PPF longevity on most daily driven vehicles.

10 year longevity is attainable, but those vehicles are usually ‘garage queens’, spending most of their lonely lives parked inside and seldom used.

Is PPF/Clear Bra the Best Option for Vehicle Surface Impact Protection? 

Paint protection film (aka clear bra or PPF) was invented specifically to be sacrificial barrier of protection from repeated impacts. 

At Signature Detailing New Jersey we’re vehicle lovers. So our opinion and sales pitch for PPF is extremely pragmatic and simple. We believe its vital for customers to understand:

Paint Protection Film’s purpose, above all else, is to protect vehicle surfaces from impacts–so, any other features of a film, beyond protection, is a bonus.

We often help clients understand PPF by sharing the phrase: “Its Paint Protection FilmNOT Paint PERFECTION Film!

This realistic view of film results from thousands of successful installs over 15+ years experience. In that time we’ve personally seen and learned countless unique insights about PPF which brochures and websites can’t explain.

It is true that PPF could be punctured at anytime by either a very heavy or jagged items crashing into the film. This strike could potentially compromise that area of the film, requiring replacement. It could happen during the vehicle’s first use after PPF installation or on its 400th use.

Repeated impacts to areas with PPF may weaken that individual panel’s film over time. These pieces may need early replacement to keep protection intact.

Either way, if a puncture occurs on the 1st drive or the 400th, the PPF did its job, taking the force of the impact while protecting the fit and finish of the panel.

In terms of protection, film longevity doesn’t matter to road debris, other drivers, or shopping carts.

What matters for protection is that paint protection film constantly guards panels from the daily onslaught of road debris. Which may prevent one, or several, repainting trips to a body shop over the life of the film.

And that’s always a win!

Warranty Coverage for PPF/Clear Bra

PPF Manufacturer Warranty Info

The warranty for paint protection film is pretty straight forward, essentially the manufacturer guarantees that once installed the PPF, or clear bra, will not yellow, fade, or crack over time.

Damage to PPF or Clear Bra Not Covered by Manufacturer Warranty

  • Punctures in the Film
    If a rock, piece of road debris, or any object impacts the surface and punctures the film.
  • Pressure Washer Damage
    If a pressure washer is used with pressure exceeding 1600-2000psi and/or the pressurized water stream comes closer than 18-24 inches of the film’s edge, it may: lift the film’s adhesive or force water and air underneath the film, causing it to bubble. Both of these conditions compromise surface adhesion of paint protection film.
  • Accidental Damage
    If a vehicle is involved in any situation where the film is physically damaged or compromised. This includes any major crashes, minor fender benders, or parking situations where the installed ppf/clear bra is scraped or damaged during parking or another means.

If Rock Chips or Small Scratches ruin your day, or bother you every time you look at your vehicle, then Paint Protection Film is your solution!

Which Vehicle Surfaces Need the Most Impact Protection from PPF/Clear Bra?

On a daily basis, many vehicle surfaces are assaulted by road debris or objects with potential to chip or scratch surfaces.

Therefore, it’s critical to consider each vehicle’s common and unique impact areas for Paint Protection Film Installation to preserve their long-term beauty and longevity.

80% of Road Impacts & Debris Commonly Strike these Vehicle Panels:

  • Front Bumper
  • Hood
  • Front Fenders
  • Side View Mirrors
  • A-Pillars
  • Lower Rocker Panels 
  • Sections behind Wheel Wells
  • Rear Bumper

Signature Detailing NJ PPF/Clear Bra Installation Coverage Packages

The impact, scratch, and paint defect protection provided by Paint Protection Film can benefit all vehicles.

Therefore, choosing the appropriate level of PPF/Clear Bra vehicle coverage is entirely up to your: vehicle’s design, preferences, and driving habits.

Many of our clients choose to fully protect their prized vehicles, ensuring surface beauty and their peace of mind for years.

Signature Detailing New Jersey Paint Protection Film a.k.a. Clear Bra or PPF Wrap Coverage Protection Packages

(PPF/Clear Bra Coverage Descriptions from diagram above)

Basic PPF/Clear Bra Coverage Package:

Protects full front bumper, partial hood, partial fenders, and side view mirrors. (as shown above)

Standard PPF/Clear Bra Coverage Package (Best Value):

Protects entire vehicle front end: bumper, hood, fenders, and side view mirrors. (as shown above)

Premium PPF/Clear Bra Coverage Package:

Protects entire vehicle front end. PLUS: A pillars, & front roof line edge, rocker panels, and rear impacts. (as shown above)

FULL PPF/Clear Bra Coverage Package:

Full protection to exterior vehicle surfaces from chips & road impacts. (as shown above)

Porsche GT3RS Hood Color Change with Matte Clear Bra Paint Protection Film by Greg Gellas of Signature Detailing NJ & NYC

Signature Detailing NJ Clear Bra & PPF Options

Signature Detailing offers paint protection films with 10 year factory backed warranties.

Our staff has protected thousands of vehicles, installing all of the most popular film brands throughout the years. We are proud authorized installers of the Suntek PPF Line: Suntek Ultra & Matte. 

Signature Detailing NJ is here to help you reach your vehicle’s full protected potential. Contact us to help you find the best options for your vehicle.

For the ULTIMATE Beauty, Protection, and Ease of Maintenance, or to protect the areas not covered by PPF, add Opti-Coat Pro or CQuartz Professional Ceramic Nano Coatings.

ALL Paint Protection Film (PPF or Clear Bra) Installations are custom projects. Due to owner coverage preferences and driving habits all jobs require unique price estimates.

*Signature Detailing NJ is not currently a member of Xpel’s Authorized Installer Program.

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