CQuartz PROFESSIONAL Ceramic Coating

Beauty, Protection, & Easy Maintenance. 

Signature Detailing NJ proudly offers CQuartz PROFESSIONAL. This ceramic coating bonds directly to your vehicle’s paint for lasting protection. The result is: extreme gloss, enhanced scratch resistance, robust Chemical + UV protection, and a surface that feels smooth as silk.  Additionally, car washing is so fast and easy that only seeing is believing.

The engineering behind CQuartz PROFESSIONAL allows the formula to form extremely effective cross linking bonds with surfaces. This creates an extremely durable 3-D structure providing a super high gloss coating which protects paint and other automotive surfaces from UVA & UVB rays, dirt, brake dust, iron contaminants, bugs, bird droppings, road tar, and many other environmental contaminants. These characteristics, combined with the low number of certified installers worldwide, make CQuartz  PROFESSIONAL exclusive automotive surface protection!

Signature Detailing NJ is a proud accredited installer of CQuartz Professional Ceramic Pro Coating

How Does a Ceramic Coating Benefit Your Vehicle?

CQuartz PROFESSIONAL beautifies and protects surfaces by providing:

  •  A superior finish featuring extreme paint gloss, clarity, and definition of reflection
  •  Self cleaning affect – Dust blows off & Contaminants wash off easily
  •  Harder surface: Increased scratch resistance to fine swirls and marring
  •  A cleaner and glossier vehicle due to increased ease of maintenance
  •  Chemical Resistance to break dust, iron contaminants, industrial fallout, and other chemicals
  •  Environmental Resistance to bugs, tar, and bird bombs
  •  UVA & UVB protection for color integrity
  •  A 2+ Year Guarantee

Why Signature Detailing New Jersey for CQuartz PROFESSIONAL?

Signature Detailing NJ is among the few proven professionals who fit the CarPro CQuartz PROFESSIONAL Standard of Authorized Installership. Very few detailing companies meet the strictest criteria of: quality work, customer service, and business ethics. Therefore, the few selected (~100 in the U.S.) are seen as industry leaders. These strict quality standards enable CQuartz Professional to be accompanied by a 2 year warranty.

While PROFESSIONAL enhances: extreme gloss, color intensity and depth, clarity, and definition of reflection, the results are only achieved alongside proper paint correction. This is testament to the authorized CQuartz PROFESSIONAL Installers whom have invested countless hours in their craft, by honing their skills and customer service. Signature Detailing New Jersey is Proud to be one of the few authorized installers, and we pride ourselves on our philosophy which states:

Extraordinary Craftsmanship & Customer Satisfaction are the Hallmarks of Signature Detailing NJ.

Want to Be Proud of Your Glossy & Easy to Wash Vehicle?