Nissan GTR New Car Prep and Opti-Coat

A new customer referral entrusted his brand new Nissan GTR to Signature Detailing for a New Cap Prep and Opti-coat. First off it has to be said; this is just an awesome car! During transport, and dealer prep, any car can get contamination, swirling, and damage to the paint. Imports are especially susceptible to iron contamination in the paint due to rail dust from metal cargo containers when shipped by boat and/or rail car.  , not severe a little TLC is always good.

The cleaning and decontamination process started with the wheels. Sonax Full Effect, wheel woolies, a boars hair brush were all used to agitate and remove ferrous iron and brake dust deposits. The tires were scrubbed with Optimum power clean and a Tuff shine tire brush.


New Car Prep & Opti-Coat-Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas-foam cannon bath


After a through washing, the surface was decontaminated from bonded topical contaminants using a Nanoskin fine grade mitt.Next CarPro Iron-X was sprayed all over the car to remove ferrous iron deposits from the paints pores, restoring color and clarity to the painted surfaces.


Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas-iron x ferrous iron removal before full paint correction.


This is an awesome color, it made paint defects and swirls was very difficult to photograph. You can just barely see the light sweeping lines in this picture. But these defects all over the painted surfaces greatly dulled the color and gloss of the new GTR’s paint.

Below, in the center of the picture, you can see the 50/50 difference before and after. Clarity to the paint is being restored.


Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas-paint correction test spot restoring Paint Clarity & Gloss


There were some deeper scratches above the rear plate that were a bit easier to photograph.

New Car Prep & Opti-Coat-Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas-rids rear test spot


Deeper scratches gone After correction Below.

New Car Prep - Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas- deeper scratches gone after paint correction


Please excuse the blurry shot, I wanted to include the severe the paint defect damage to the A pillars.

New Car Prep -Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas-A pilar 50-50


Exhaust tips needed correction and polishing as well. Optimum Metal Polish was applied via the foam applicator. The applicator holds the product and is spread easily this way. The applicator also allows polishing of tight areas that may normally be out of reach.

Below is the Before & After 50/50 Shot. (click to enlarge)

New Car Prep -Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas-exhaust tips polished BEFORE & AFTER


Being a new car the interior received a wipe down and treatment of all surfaces. During this process a small piece of factory plastic had been missed and was left sticking out of the door panel.

New Car Prep & Opti-Coat-Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas- factory plastic wrap left on interior


Using specialized tiny tools it was removed.

New Car Prep & Opti-Coat-Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas- factory plastic wrap removed


After paint correction was performed  Opti-Coat Pro was applied to all painted surfaces enhancing color, clarity, gloss, while providing a durable barrier for chemical and environmental contamination.


So how did it turn the Nissan GTR’s new car prep and Opti-coat Pro service turn out?


In a word: Incredible.


The paint was greatly improved: rejuvenating the color, adding, while removing any minor imperfections. In short; it shines with the beastly aura is possesses beneath the hood! Please excuse any partially blurry pictures as the tripod was injured.


New Car Prep & Opti-Coat-Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas- rear view AFTER coating


New Car Prep & Opti-Coat-Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas-PS front 3-4 view



New Car Prep & Opti-Coat-Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas- DS rear quarter panel  AFTER coating

New Car Prep & Opti-Coat-Signature Detailing-Greg Gellas- after paint correction and coating







As always thanks for looking. Greg Gellas

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