Paint Protection Film Protects Your Peace of Mind

Clear Bra, PPF, Paint Protection Film, what is it exactly?

Paint Protection Film (a.k.a. PPF or Clear Bra) is the only solution to protect your vehicle from road debris striking or scratching surfaces. 24/7 it guards surfaces from rock chips, road salt, door dings, insects, shopping carts, cat or dog scratches, or the many hazards of daily life.

PPF is a thin, yet highly durable, transparent urethane film installed directly onto vehicle surfaces. PPF also adds UV protection to paint, while leaving surfaces glossy. Additionally, it guards against topical contamination such as: bird bombs, tree sap, pollen, road tar and other environmental contaminants.

If Rock Chips or Small Scratches ruin your day, or bother you every time you look at your vehicle, then Paint Protection Film is your solution!

Which Vehicle Surfaces Need Impact Protection?

About 80+% of Road Impacts Strike:

  • Front Bumper
  • Hood
  • Front Fenders
  • Side View Mirrors
  • A-Pillars
  • Lower Rocker Panels 
  • Sections behind Wheel Wells
  • Rear Bumper

On a daily basis, these surfaces are assaulted and vulnerable to chipping, scratching, or road debris impacts. Therefore, to ensure the beauty and longevity of vehicle surfaces, its critical to consider these areas for Paint Protection Film Installation.

Popular PPF Coverage Options

All vehicle surfaces can benefit from PPF, so the level of protection if entirely up to your preferences, driving habits, and vehicle design.

Many of our clients protect their entire vehicle, ensuring beauty and peace of mind for years.

Signature Detailing New Jersey provides the best craftsmanship & paint protection film coverage option in NJ & NYC

(Color Descriptions from diagram above)

==> Basic: Protects front bumper, front impact area of hood, front portion of fenders, & side view mirrors.

==> Standard: (Best Value) Protects entire front end: bumper, hood, fenders, and side view mirrors.

==> Premium: Protects FULL front end. + Rocker panels, rear impacts, A pillars, & the front edge of roof line.

==> Full: 360° Protection to all exterior vehicle surfaces (excluding glass) from road impacts.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat - Full Paint Correction & CQuartz Finest Ceramic Paint Coating - Greg Gellas - New York & New Jersey Detailer

Signature Detailing NJ Paint Protection Film Options

Signature Detailing offers several PPF options. All films come with 10 year factory backed warranties. Our staff has protected hundreds of vehicles and installed the most popular film brands throughout the years. We are proud to be an authorized installer of the Suntek PPF Line: Suntek Ultra & Matte. 

Whether you want the highest level of protection available, the greatest gloss enhancement, or self-healing properties to avoid swirl marks and fine scratches, Signature Detailing will help realize your vehicle’s full protected potential.

For the ULTIMATE Beauty, Protection, and Ease of Maintenance, or to protect the areas not covered by PPF, add Opti-Coat Pro or CQuartz Professional Ceramic Nano Coatings.

ALL Paint Protection Film (PPF or Clear Bra) Installations are custom projects. Due to owner coverage preferences and driving habits all jobs require independent price estimates.

*Signature Detailing NJ is not currently a member of Xpel’s Authorized Installer Program.

Want to Ensure Your Vehicle looks its best long term?