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Beauty, Lasting Protection, & Easy Maintenance. 

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What is an Automotive Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a hand applied layer of protection that forms a lasting chemical bond to surfaces. Functioning as paint’s sacrificial barrier of protection, ceramic coatings offer the best non-impact vehicle surface protection.

Due to their chemical bond to surfaces, ceramic coatings are superior to traditional waxes and sealants in every way, including:

  • Longevity
  • Added Gloss
  • Water Behavior
  • Chemical Protection
  • Ease of Cleaning

With regular and proper maintenance, ceramic coatings will keep your vehicle looking top notch for years. 

NJ's best top rated ceramic nano coating expert installers are Signature Detailing New Jersey.

How Do Ceramic Coatings Benefit Vehicle Surfaces & Vehicle Owners?

To be clear and transparent, ceramic coatings DO NOT offer vehicle surface impact protection.

Impact protection from road debris, paint chips, or light door dings  is ONLY offered by Paint Protection Film, aka PPF or Clear Bra.

However ceramic coatings provide many benefits to modern vehicles and modern New Jersey life. 

Ceramic Coating Aesthetic Benefits:

  • A Beautiful Finish: showcasing extreme gloss, an often better than new look, & crisp reflections
  • A cleaner, shinier, and better feeling vehicle surface, promoting fast & easy washing
  • Self-cleaning Effect: Less dirt sticks to vehicle surfaces = less vehicle washes
  • Enhanced color and depth to vehicle paint & surfaces
  • Peace of Mind: knowing the coating works to keep your vehicle looking better over time

Ceramic Coating Protection Benefits:

  • Increased Environmental Resistance to bird bombs, bugs, tree sap, pollen, road tar, & more
  • Durable protection which bonds with vehicle paint, lasting years not months or weeks
  • Additional UVA & UVB protection for lasting color integrity
  • Resistance to fine swirl marks and surface marring from proper wash technique
  • Chemical Resistance to road salts, brake dust, industrial fallout, & more.

Automotive ceramic coating hydrophobic surface benefits by signature detailing NJ.

Signature Detailing New Jersey’s Ceramic Coating Process

At Signature Detailing New Jersey our ceramic coating installation process ensures your coating looks and performs its best.

All ceramic coating installations begin with full deep cleaning and decontamination processes to remove topical and embedded contamination from surfaces.

Following the cleaning and decontamination, ALL ceramic coating installations require paint refinement via some level of paint correction services. Paint correction fully prepares the vehicle surface for optimal bonding of the coating. Additionally, paint correction further refines surfaces, creating a vehicle finish that is: glossier, brighter, and more reflective.

Paint correction is a required step within all our ceramic coating services. We will not install a coating to a vehicle without some form of paint correction. We need to ensure the durability and performance of the coating holds up over time. The only way to ensure optimal durability for a coating is to properly prepare the surface via paint correction.

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What is a Ceramic Coating’s Realistic Lifespan?

Here at Signature Detailing New Jersey, customers often ask us “how long will a ceramic coating last on my vehicle?

The response to that question is similar to answering, “how long will a white carpet stay clean?”

Many factors influence ceramic coating performance and durability including: vehicle storage, usage habits, climate, cleaning habits, and driving style.

Most ceramic coatings are designed to last years, which is significantly longer than waxes or sealants. However, over time, their hydrophobic properties (water behavior) can diminish if not maintained properly or they are completely neglected.

We have clients coatings hold up for 5+ years when garaged and properly maintained. On the other hand, we have seen client coatings last just over a year when completely neglected.

Much like a white carpet, the durability and performance of a coating is dependent on usage and maintenance habits. This is why we have a detailing service aftercare page which covers our recommended maintenance for ceramic coatings over their lifespan.

Red Mustang Shelby GT350 after pro ceramic coating services by signature detailing New Jersey. Range Rover Sport shines and reflects everything after a ceramic coating detail by signature detailing NJ.

PPF/Clear Bra & Ceramic Coatings: A Perfect Marriage of Protection & Ease

Adding a ceramic coating to a vehicle, containing partial or full paint protection film (PPF or Clear Bra) coverage, is a best practice for beautifying and protecting vehicle surfaces.

A ceramic coating adds additional chemical and stain protection to Clear Bra (PPF) and creates a surface that is fast and easy to clean.

Additionally, the hydrophobics (water behavior) of the coating helps the PPF to attract less dirt over time, keeping vehicle surfaces cleaner for longer.

Signature Detailing Ceramic Coating Options

Signature Detailing offers a few ceramic coating options to meet your vehicle and driving needs.

Our staff has protected thousands of vehicles, installing many most popular ceramic coating formula and brands over the years. We are proud authorized installers of CQuartz Professional and Opti Coat Pro

Signature Detailing NJ is here to help you reach your vehicle’s full protected potential. Contact us to help you find the best options for your vehicle.

ALL Ceramic Coating Installations are custom projects. Due to owner driving needs and customer preferences all ceramic coating projects require unique price estimates.

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