Signature Detailing NJ: Our Story

Automotive Passion Drives Us

  Greg Gellas is owner/founder of Signature Detailing- New Jersey & NYC's Best Auto Detailing Shop.   Greg Gellas is owner/founder of Signature Detailing- New York & New Jersey's Best Detailing Solution

Fellow Vehicle Enthusiasts & Those Soon to Be:

Welcome! I’m Greg Gellas, founder and operator of Signature Detailing New Jersey located in Hillsborough Township NJ.

Since childhood, I’ve been amazed and excited by automobiles. My youthful awe of cars and driving morphed into a full blown love and inspiration to work on vehicles, restoring them to their best condition.

Through years of intense desire, determination, and dedicated training; that inspiration transformed into a passion and career… Signature Detailing.

Every day, since our doors opened, I’ve had the greatest job in the world; helping people fall in love with their vehicles.

Our detailing services are designed to make you happy & excited about your vehicle; putting a childlike smile on your face. 

Our Story & Success is Built on Quality + Customer Happiness

At Signature Detailing New Jersey, our ultimate goal is to fuel your automotive passion by transforming your vehicle to look, feel, and be better protected than ever before. 

Alongside our in-depth services; we’re happy to serve as your resource for continual car care and vehicle related needs.

Our story, like our success, is built on making your vehicle story the best experience for you.

We want your vehicle to be fun, beautiful, and protected by the best PPF/Clear Bra, Ceramic Coating, and Paint Correction Services in New Jersey.

Auto Detailing Services & Customer Care Designed for Customer Satisfaction

Signature Detailing NJ offers auto detailing services to meet the personalized protection & beautification needs of owners who desire the best for their vehicles.

On every project, we work with vehicle owners to ensure the correct match of protection for each vehicle’s unique needs and owner personal preferences.

Our auto detailing services apply a craftsman-like detailed & thorough approach for:

Thanks for stopping by… please feel free to look around.

We look forward to making your happy vehicle story part of our history & success!

“At Signature Detailing You’ll Love the Way Your Vehicle Looks . . . We Guarantee It!”

~ Greg

Signature Detailing New Jersey Location

Signature Detailing NJ is conveniently located between central & northern New Jersey at:

216 US-206 #14, Hillsborough Township, NJ 08844

(Click the map link or the blue button below to navigate to the shop)

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