NJ Paint Correction Specialists

Paint Correction is the Heart & Soul of Signature Detailing’s Passion & Results.

We believe every vehicle contains a unique beauty locked deep within. Paint correction displays this beauty to the world. Our in-depth paint polishing processes cater to each vehicle, uncovering their inner style and allure. All vehicles paint corrected by Signature Detailing share the common traits of: amazing color, clarity, gloss and reflectivity. Our aim is for owners to fall further in love at first sight.

Paint Correction is the process of removing paint defects from automobile surfaces. Defects include swirl mark scratches, water spots, bird bomb & insect etchings, tree sap, and paint color fading from UV exposure. Signature Detailing offers varying levels of paint correction to enhance your vehicle’s finish. 

Through Paint Correction We Uncover & Display Automobiles as Living Breathing Art.

This is how we approach every vehicle we care for,continually delivering the highest caliber work to each vehicle and to our customers.

This beautiful 1965 Ferrari 330 America was fully paint corrected to restore her lost beauty by Greg Gellas of Signature Detailing NJ

Paint Correction Service Levels

One Step Paint Correction

Recommended for vehicles in exceptional condition; generally less than 1% of vehicles on the road. A One Step process removes light swirl marks from improper washing and light scratches (~40-50% defect removal) while restoring gloss, color, and reflectivity to the surface. This will not remove the deeper underlying scratches often seen beneath many layers of spider web swirl marks.

Two Step Paint Correction

Recommended for the majority of vehicles on the road. A Two Step process revitalizes paint, removing medium to heavy swirls marks and scratches (~ 85% + defect removal). Defects include most water spotting, many bird and insect marks, as well as the ‘love’ marks associated with daily driving. The result is paint that bests factory condition and sparkles like never before, showcasing: spectacular color, extreme depth, supreme gloss, and a surface that reflects everything.

Three Step + Paint Correction or Concours Preparation.

Services greatly vary, depending on scope and overall goals. (starting @ 90% + defect removal) These paint polishing services offer unparalleled finishes that wow each and every onlooker in traffic, local car club meet up, or on the lawn at a prestigious concours event. This is our highest paint correction service. Objectives must be clearly communicated, so a consultation is vital. These services transform paint into an automotive canvas rarely seen on four wheels.

Signature Detailing pours its passion into each and every paint correction, allowing us to uncover the inner beauty of your vehicle.

For Surface Beauty, Protection, and Ease of Maintenance, add Opti-Coat or CQuartz Professional Ceramic Coatings to your Vehicle. Increase gloss, & reflectivity, while offering chemical + environmental protection.

Show the World the Love & Beauty of your Vehicle: